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An applicant who has studied at a recognized institution of higher education may apply for admission as a transfer student. Transfer applicants must have passed no fewer than nine transferable college credit-hours. They will be favorably considered for all academic work completed with a C or higher grade at each prior institution. Transfer credit-hours are limited to work satisfactorily completed at an accredited college or university within a five year period immediately preceding application for admission.

A transfer applicant will not be considered if he or she is on academic probation, suspension, or dismissal from the previous institution; if he or she would be on academic probation upon return to the previous institution; or if on disciplinary probation during or following the last term at the previous institution; or within one year after dismissal.

All students who have passed nine transferable credit hours at an accredited college or university prior to applying for admission to Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico must submit:

  • 1. An application for admission. An application for admission will not be considered unless received on or before the application deadline indicated in the academic calendar. The institution reserves the right to refuse applications for admission once enrollment limits are reached.
  • 2. An official transcript from each institution of higher education previously attended. The transcript should be sent directly from the institution(s) of origin to the Admissions Office. The transcript(s) must furnish a statement of good standing. Student copies of official transcripts are not acceptable. The applicant who is actively enrolled in another institution at the time of application should request a current official transcript to be forwarded immediately. An official transcript, including the final grades of the last quarter or semester of attendance, must be requested and sent to the Admissions Office.
  • 3. A copy of the latest edition of the undergraduate catalog from each institution of higher education previously attended.
  • 4. Payment of a thirty dollar ($30.00) application fee with the completed application form. The application fee is non refundable and will not be applicable toward the student's registration charges.
  • 5. All transfer students must submit a letter of recommendation signed by the Dean of Student Affairs of the previous institution.
  • 6. An Immunization Certificate (applies only to applicants under 21 years of age).
  • 7. Aliens must submit a copy of immigration status.

Candidates from institutions of higher education who would have met the admission requirements of high school applicants prior to their university experience will be taken into consideration for transfer admission.

Transfer Policy

The Validation Official refers to the credits established by the Academic Council to validate courses and to the equivalency tables followed by the Department Director.

The Validation Official has the authority to validate the first three years of studies, but specialization courses fall on the Department Director.

Validation Instructions:

  1. The equivalence of submitted credits is made according to course content and credits.
  2. Courses approved with a D grade are not validated
  3. The following acronyms are used in validation:
    • CE / Course Exemption – course is validated; transcript shows proof of student’s knowledge of the subject matter.
    • T / Transfer – validated courses from other institutions.

Course expiration

In case of individuals who have not completed a degree, courses taken will expire after seven (7) and a half (½) years.

For courses that follow a sequence, the last approved course will be taken into consideration when requesting an expiration term.

In Mathematics, the expiration date will be set seven (7) and a half (½) years after the approval of the last course form the sequence.

If the applicant has been studying on a regular basis, approved courses with more than seven (7) and a half (½) years could be validated with the recommendation of the Director of the corresponding Program, providing that the course content has not change significantly during those seven (7) and a half (½) years.

The following subjects could be validated after seven (7) years or more with the proper authorization:

a) Social Sciences d) Psychology g) Philosophy j) Literature
b) Humanities e) Arts h) History k) Other
c) Languages f) Economy i) Political Science

Validation rules

All courses with a C grade or more will be validated when coming from universities accredited by the Consejo de Educación Superior and/or by any regional accrediting agency (MSACS) or any other institution with a curricula equivalent to PUPR; and whose credits have not expired at the time of submitting the admission application. Credits will be awarded to courses with similar content, approved with a C grade or more, from other properly accredited institutions after judging the entire student’s academic record. Up to two thirds (⅔) of the total of credits required for the degree could be approved, including no more than half of the credits for the major. The deadline to present any claim is during the first quarter of the student’s enrollment at the Institution.

If the student wishes to change its major, he/she will apply for admission into the new department. The Director from that department will review the student’s academic record to make the necessary adjustments to determine which credits could be validated for the new program. Courses approved by properly accredited foreign universities could be validated. Validations will be made through the corresponding form. Transfer students who have been admitted should approve at the PUPR no less than 65% of the credits required for GRADUATION. (In order to be able to receive academic distinctions, such as Honors).

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